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Attributes screen

Attributes determine your character's performance. There are primary and secondary attributes, affected by the items you carry and stat points earned by leveling up.

Weapons always increase your damage, but can have other attributes as well. Clothing will always increase your armor rating, and can also have other attributes. Trinkets can have modifiers to any stat, depending on the trinket and its possible other attributes.

Primary[edit | edit source]

Each attribute can be increased directly after a level-up.
  • Health: How much damage you can take before being killed. You can regain health by consuming Potions or eating certain plants.
  • Mana: Your energy for spell casting. You can regain mana by eating certain harvestable plants, consuming potions, or wearing mana regen items (rings or items with similar effects).
  • Damage: Dictates the base amount of health that your Spells will take away from targets (actual damage done is determined by a multiplier for each specific spell).
  • Carrying Capacity: The amount of inventory space you have to carry your equipped items and any additional loot on your person.

Secondary[edit | edit source]

Secondary attributes cannot be increased after level up, but may be increased by weapons, armor, and trinkets.
  • Armor: Reduces the amount of damage taken by an attack.
  • Critical Chance: Chance to deal increased damage with an attack. Your critical chance modifier can also affect other abilities such as healing, or extracting resources.
  • Health Regen: The rate at which your health replenishes. This value can only be obtained by Health Regen modifiers from weapons, armor, or trinket items.
  • Mana Regen: The rate at which your mana replenishes. This value can only be obtained by Mana Regen modifiers from weapons, armor, or trinket items.
  • Movement Speed: A modifier that affects your character's unmounted movement speed.
  • Cooldown Reduction: Subtracts a percentage of the time it takes to wait between casting the same spell or ability multiple times. This value can only be obtained by Cooldown Reduction modifiers from weapons, armor, or trinket items.