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Creatures inhabit the world of Ignus and range from benign wildlife to demonic infestations. Magic can be used to tame enemies and turn them into allies. All creatures can be ordered to carry items on your behalf and fight alongside you, and some can even be fitted with a saddle and mounted.

How to Tame[edit | edit source]

To tame creatures, you will first need to find essence of light in the world. Once you’ve done that, open the spell crafting menu with the default ‘K’ key (touchpad on PS4), click and drag the essence of light into the crafting circle and choose utility. Like other utility spells, ‘Pacify’ can be equipped to any weapon type.

The ‘Pacify’ spell can be used on an enemy to turn them into your ally. Click and hold the cast button to initiate the pacification process. Taming times vary depending on the type of creature, its level and most importantly its Health Points. You can tame a creature more quickly when more health is depleted. Using a low level beam spell can make it easy to get a creature into the low hundreds of HP with less risk of accidentally killing it. . Pacification is complete once the circular blue gauge around the enemy’s portrait is completely filled in.

Once the pacification has completed, approach the creature and press the ‘E’ key (Square or X on PS4 and Xbox). Enter a name for your new ally and click the ‘OK’ button. The creature is now officially tamed, and will appear in your Tamed Creatures tab (accessed with the ‘N’ key, or Touchpad on PS4).

Issuing Commands to Tamed Creatures[edit | edit source]

Behavioral commands can be issued to your tamed creatures by focusing on them and pushing ‘E’ (Square or X on PS4 and Xbox) to bring up the command menu . If your creature is not nearby, you can also issue commands via the Tamed Creatures menu (accessed with the ‘N’ key, or Touchpad on PS4) .

Current behavioral options are either follow or stay, each having three options: aggressive, defend, and passive. Aggressive mode will cause the tamed creature to attack any other creature or player that comes within it's 'personal space'. Defend mode will make it so that your tamed creature will not attack any other creatures unless you start combat with another creature or player, whether you attack first or not. Lastly, passive mode will tell your tamed creature to ignore all other creatures and players, unless it is directly attacked.

You can also use your tamed creatures to carry some of your loot. Press ‘E’ on the creature and select ‘Storage’ to bring up its inventory. From here, you can move items from your inventory over to your creature’s inventory. If this creature should die in combat it will drop a loot bag containing all the items you had previously given it to carry.

Loyalty Timer[edit | edit source]

All tamed creatures are subject to a Loyalty Timer. Should this timer expire, the ally will be released from your control and return back to the wild. You can check a creature’s current Loyalty at any time by opening the Tamed Creatures menu with the ‘N’ key. The creatures loyalty can be increased with food items.

Mounting With Saddles[edit | edit source]

Some creatures can be mounted with the help of a Saddle. To create a Saddle, open the Knowledge Tree menu (‘K’ key), click the ‘Utility’ tab and learn the Saddle recipe. You will need a Work Bench in your castle to craft the Saddle.

To apply your new Saddle to your creature, open its Storage (press ‘E’ on the creature and click the ‘Storage’ button) and move your Saddle into its inventory. You can now press ‘E’ on the creature and select ‘Mount’ to hop on its back.

Creatures that can fly can toggle between ground mode and flight mode with the ‘F’ key. To dismount, press and hold the ‘E’ key.

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