Flame dragon

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Flame dragon is a creature encountered in Ignus.

Description[edit | edit source]

The flame dragon is a fire dragon, that can be found through out Ignus. And though it is considered to be the weakest dragon in Ignus, it can still do quite a lot of damage to its enemies.

When wild, It can move pretty fast and usually prefers not to fly, it does a lot of damage when it occasionally decides to shoot a fireball at you, but mostly it will try to use its bite attack. It also has a breath attack, and it is considerably weaker then its other abilities, it can still be tough to deal with. Its wild level ranges between 24-35, and so it is considered to be the strongest tame to get early on.

When tamed and set to follow, the dragon will come flying to you wherever you are. It can also be set to wait in the air. When not mounted the dragon will occasional firespit and bite. When mounted the player will be able to steer the dragons movement, and use its abilities to bite and breath fire. This dragon has a carry capacity of 150.