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Flight items is a special category of items that, you guessed it, allows you to make your character airborne. Every item has a different, variable rate of consumption of flight energy.

Once you’ve reached the game’s higher levels, flight will become essential to getting around Ignus quickly. Flight can be achieved via the use of broomsticks, magic potions and creature taming. Each method has pros and cons that are worth considering.

Broomsticks & Potions[edit | edit source]

Broomstick and potion crafting recipes can be unlocked via the ‘Utility’ tab in the Knowledge Tree. Both broomsticks and flight potions are equipped to the trinket slot, and can be activated with the ‘F’ key.

Broomsticks and flight potions may be speedy and convenient, but it’s important to note that using them gradually drains your mana. Be sure to stock lots of mana potions and keep an eye on your mana reserves so you don’t run out and plummet to your death.

Creature Taming[edit | edit source]

Some mountable creatures, like Dragons and Giant Eagles, can be used to fly. Simply follow the steps required to tame and mount them like you would any other creature. Use the ‘F’ key toggle between flight mode and ground mode.

Mounted creatures can be used to fly infinitely without affecting your mana reserves, but they do require a little extra work to maintain. Pay attention to their loyalty levels, and be sure to protect them from death. Creature death is permanent; if your mount dies while you’re on a long adventure you will find yourself stranded.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Type Effect Magical properties
Broom Enables flight:1-2 flight cost per second 6
Broom Enables flight:4-5 flight cost per second 6
Broom Enables flight:7-9 flight cost per second 6
Essence of Wings Flying Essence Enables flight:2 flight cost per second 6
Flight of the Architect Flying Essence Enables flight:3-4 flight per second 6
Dark Flight Flying Essence Enables flight:8-10 flight cost per second 6