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Citadel has a large variety of weapons, armors and items that can either be looted from chests and defeated enemies or crafted with the world’s natural resources. All items have a rarity rating, level requirement, durability and weight, all of which can be conveniently found in its item description. Read below for more info on each of these considerations.

Rarity Ratings & Level Requirements[edit | edit source]

All of Citadel’s items pass through a loot generation system, meaning that there can be some randomized variance between items of similar types. For example, one Staff of The Forest will not necessarily have the same stats as another.

Items of higher quality will be designated by their Rarity Rating. Items can be Common, Uncommon, Rare or Epic. Each tier is more likely to have a better damage/armor, while also providing additional bonuses to health, mana and a variety of other character stats.

All weapons and armor also have a level requirement, which will also affect the stats that it has. Higher level weapons will have a higher damage/armor rating, and will have better buff values depending on their rarity.

Item Durability[edit | edit source]

All weapons and armor have a durability rating, which will degrade a little bit every time you die while they are equipped. Additionally, weapons degrade each time they are used to launch a basic melee attack instead of casting a spell.

An item will break once it reaches a durability of 0, and will be returned to your inventory. Broken items are highlighted red and cannot be re-equipped until they are repaired. To do so, simply build a Repair Bench in your castle and use it to restore the broken item back to working condition.

Weapons and armor of better rarity and level requirement commonly have a higher maximum durability, and are prone to breaking less often. Keep looting and crafting better weapons and armor to reduce the amount of time you spend repairing them!

Item Weight[edit | edit source]

An important character stat to keep in mind while exploring and collecting resources, weapons and armor is Carrying Capacity. Every item has a weight stat, which can be seen in an item’s description panel. The total weight of the items in your inventory cannot exceed your carrying capacity.

As you level up you’ll be able to use unlocked Character Points to increase your maximum carry capacity.

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