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While Citadel can be enjoyed alone, the experience is significantly enhanced when you make friends, forge alliances and work with other players to achieve mutual goals. Some of the more rewarding dungeons and caves, for example, are designed specifically for group play.

Additionally, at max level a single player will not earn enough Knowledge Points to unlock every spell, structure piece and crafting recipe in the game, so it’s important to find other players to share skills with.

Party Play[edit | edit source]

Parties are intended for more immediate, short term play where a maximum of five players can get together to cooperatively adventure and explore. Players in a party will be protected from friendly fire, see each other’s locations on their world maps and compass, share combat XP, and be able to temporarily build on each other’s claimed structures. A Party alliance only lasts as long as a play session, and expires as players log off and leave the game.

To invite other players to your party simply press ‘J’ to open the Social tab and click the ‘Invite’ button beside their name. The other player will receive a notification of the invitation on their end, which they can then accept by opening their Social tab and clicking the ‘Accept’ button.

Houses[edit | edit source]

Houses are intended for long-term cooperative play, and are persistent across all play sessions on a server. Without a player limit, Houses are where a much larger number of players can commit to consistently working together in creating a massive kingdom.

All players in a House share access to their structures and Thrones. Anyone within the House can build on and modify their House’s castle, enabling a large number of players to work at creating castles and palaces of a significantly bigger size than they’d be able to on their own.

To create a house you must first reach level 10. Press ‘H’ to bring up the House menu and click the ‘Create House’ button. You will be able to choose a name and motto for your House, and you’ll even be able to design your own House Sigil. To invite players to join, bring up the House menu again and click the ‘Send Invites’ button.

You and your allies can mark your territory by crafting flags bearing your house’s sigil. Open your Knowledge Tree with the ‘K’ button, click the ‘Structures’ button, and use your Knowledge Points to learn a variety of ornamental flags. They will all bear your sigil once they are built.