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Sprite is a creature encountered in Ignus.

The Sprite is one of the most dangerous common hostiles. It has a ranged attack, and a very strong melee bite. This creature will mostly use its ranged attack, but when it occasionally decides to go for the bite, it comes very fast.   

Tame information:

This creature can be tamed, but cannot be mounted. Also the creature has a pretty high movement speed, when compered to running or walking. But ofcourse as you start to use haste or blink, the Sprite will slowly fall behind.

Since the Sprite is very small and floating, it will hardly ever get stuck or bugged, like a Direwolf often will.

Sprites can be tamed have a carry weight of 50 and use a ranged attack as a pet.

Description[edit | edit source]

Drops[edit | edit source]

- Faery Dust

- Light Essence