Tamed Loyalty

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Tamed Loyalty is the time that a tamed creature is under the players control. When this time runs out the pet will turn back to a wild creature.

Loyalty is gained with food. Food descriptions show the amount of loyalty it offers.

To feed a tamed creature, place a food item in its inventory and the food will instantly vanish and add to the loyalty timer. If the loyalty timer is full, you can stockpile food or scrolls which will automatically be used by your tamed creature when there is space available.

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Loyalty[edit | edit source]

Name Effect
Butter 5 min
Milk 60 min
Raw Hare Meat 15 min
Egg 20 min
Raw Elk Meat 30 min
Raw Horse Meat 30 min
Raw Boar Meat 45 min
Raw Poultry 60 min
Steamed Vegetables 60 min
Rabbit Stew 80 min
Boar Sausage 100 min
Crowberry Wine 120 min
Bread 140 min
Venison Stew 160 min
Butter Tarts 180 min
Traveller's Breakfast 200 min
Spicy Dumplings 220 min
Spicy Chili 240 min
Soul Binding Scroll I 240 min
Pulled Boar Sandwich 260 min
Stuffed Bird 280 min
Rowan Berry Pudding 300 min
Butter Mead 320 min
Sweet and Spicy Stew 340 min
Phoenix-Fried Egg 360 min
Soul Binding Scroll II 480 min
Soul Binding Scroll III 1,440 min
Soul Binding Scroll IV 4,320 min
Soul Binding Scroll V 10,080 min
Soul Binding Scroll VI 20,160 min

Note: Players can no longer make Soul Binding Scrolls, you can only get them through quest.